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Engineered for the Design-and-Build Community

Every DaVinci Custom Fireplace™ is thoughtfully imagined to become the focal point of a room, but only with the idea that beauty must be matched with easy integration. Our products are created so that architects, designers and builders can bypass most of the most complicated problems that come with one-off models. We also deliver myriad options and styling configurations that help to make what you build a truly unique masterpiece.

Modular Is Much Better

  • Easily, efficiently transported to the job site
  • Patent-pending Titan Lock System™ allows modular fireplaces to be bolted together without additional framing or wall support
  • Nearly endless combinations and configurations available

True Zero Clearance to Building Materials

The non-heating fireplace’s exterior remains cool by way of the outside air that is ducted in. This eliminates the need for expensive, non-combustible building materials and gives you the freedom to bring your finishes right up to the edge of the frameless glass, with any building material you desire.

Postless Design

Pier and corner fireplaces up to 10 feet in length also have the option of a postless design, for the appearance of a clean, glass-to-glass edge. The innovative structure does away with added supports within the glass, producing a beautiful, unobstructed viewing area.

Collaborate With Us On Your Project

DaVinci advisors are available to you and your clients from planning, to design, to installation. We also invite you to review our numerous online resources at the links below.


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About Travis Industries and The House of Fire

Travis Industries is the largest privately owned fireplace company in America. Forty years ago, we came together to show customers how the warmth and comfort of an American-made, artfully designed fireplace could be as awe-inspiring as fire itself. Now, as we embark on new decades ahead, our passion and our people continue to stoke that flame.

In addition to DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™, our brands include Lopi™, Fireplace Xtrordinair™ and Fire Garden™. Our retail network spans the United States, Canada, Australia, and Dubai. All our products are manufactured in the United States within an 11-acre facility called “The House of Fire” in Mukilteo, Washington near Seattle. We are committed to the promise of quality, innovation and performance in every product we build.

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