At the push of a button, the DaVinci Custom Fireplace transforms from a purely decorative feature fireplace, into a heating appliance suitable for any residential or commercial space.

The addition of the HeatSmart™ Heat Exchanger allows for significantly more heat to be generated than ever before. All this can be controlled via the wall-mounted TouchSmart™ Control Panel or Smart Home Automation…this truly is HEAT ON DEMAND!


By maintaining extraordinarily low glass temperatures, DaVinci Custom Fireplaces can be used all year round, making them ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

The versatility of the HeatSmart™ option means that even on warmer days when there’s no need for heat, the fireplace can simply be set to expel warm air externally, rather than recycling it back through the room.

Irrespective of the climate, the ambiance and aesthetics of DaVinci can be enjoyed every day of the year.

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The DaVinci HeatSmart™ works by pulling cool air from the room and heating it around a series of hot exhaust tubes from the fireplace’s exhaust which is built into the heat exchange system.

The air circulating around these hot exhaust tubes is passively heated to a significant level before being delivered back into the room through a powerful fan system to provide heat to the space of your choice!

The HeatSmart™ option is available for all eight DaVinci Custom Fireplace models and our Maestro Collection of Gas Fireplaces.

For further details on the DaVinci HeatSmart™ Heat Exchanger, including TECHNICAL and INSTALLATION specs, please click here.